They Will Outlive Us All (2013) – By Philip Smolen

It’s 2016 and things are getting weird for roommates Daniel (Nat Cassidy) and Margo (Jessi Gotta). They live in a small apartment in Brooklyn and ever since Super Storm Sandy, a huge number of hurricanes have hit the eastern seaboard of the United States. It’s gotten so bad that the city’s infrastructure has begun to deteriorate. The tunnels and bridges into the city have flooded and collapsed, electricity is sporadic and the less said about the quality of the public water supply, the better. So Daniel and Margo do their best to ignore what’s around them and simply stay in their apartment, watch horror movies and drink (and smoke) themselves into oblivion. But there has been a series of deaths in their building and they both realize that things are just not right, since the City’s Department of Health has just sealed up one of the other apartments on their floor. Then Margo finds the building’s superintendent spasaming-out in his unit while Daniel notices a growing number of derelicts standing outside their complex. So despite their best efforts to ignore the situation, Daniel and Margo are going to be pulled into a horrific new reality.

“They Will Outlive Us All” is an indie project filmed in Brooklyn New York by Patrick Shearer (director), Jessi Gotta (producer and writer) and Phil Shearer (director of photography) and it’s a winner. It’s one of the most original horror-comedies I’ve seen. The Shearer Brothers and Gotta successfully create a strange believable “Eraserhead” type of world where weirdness is the order of the day. From the opening frame, everything seems off-kilter and there is a permeating feeling of strangeness, rot and decay. It really does seem as if the city has been crippled and is now susceptible to a frightening new horror.

What gives this film its drive, of course, is that Daniel and Margo represent us. Just like them we are totally self absorbed with our own lives and uninterested in what’s happening around us. So their slow awakening to the creeping danger that now surrounds them triggers the same emotional response in us.

Both Cassidy and Gotta give standout performances. Cassidy is nervous and twitchy as Daniel while Gotta is cool and measured as Margo. They each give out a strange magnetic vibe that makes it easy to see why they have picked each other as roommates. Alyssa Simon makes the most out of her one scene as the heartbroken sister of one of the building’s victims.

Well directed, slickly photographed and gleefully bizarre, “They Will Outlive Us All” is a glorious horror comedy. It successfully blends the chuckles with the yucks and is a superior entry in the apocalyptic horror sub-genre.

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