Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric (2010) – By Cary Conley

I reviewed Thong Girl 3 last year and really enjoyed it for what it was: a cheesy parody of everything Superhero; so I was excited to also get to review part four in the continuing series. In part three, Thong Girl and her gay sidekick, Boxer Brief Boy, fight Chaz Chernobyl and the Dark Widow in order to save Music City (Nashville), USA. This new installment picks up right where part three leaves off. The Body Electric opens with both Thong Girl and Boxer Brief Boy relaxing after a huge battle with their previous nemeses. Unfortunately, Thong Girl isn’t feeling well and accidentally lets loose with her ass laser in the bathtub, which kills her. Cut to her funeral where we meet–wonder of wonders–Thong Girl’s sister, Laura Layonme (Alex Del Monacco, a hardcore actress trying to break into more mainstream fare). Laura assumes the magical thong and, after a few rough fits and starts, takes over as Thong Girl.

Meanwhile, scientist Miles Edison (Will Jones), the great-grandson of Thomas Edison, has been working diligently to prove that his ancestor’s original plan of using DC current as the major form of electricity wasn’t incorrect. He is frustrated both by his failure to clear his great-grandfather’s name as well as his failure to convince the mayor of Music City to sink 22 million dollars into his plan for creating a brand new DC electric power plant. As he continues working with his experiments, he is transformed into an electric egomaniac named Electar, an evil genius who will stop at nothing to get his way. Will Electar finally convince the world of his bloodline’s right to inherit all that is electric? Can Laura Layonme master the secrets of the magical thong? Will Music City survive the inevitable clash between super villain and superhero? You’ll just have to track down Thong Girl 4 to find out.

Writer/director Glenn Weiss has again created a unique and funny parody of the superhero genre. But within the film, as is usual, Weiss also manages to poke fun at plenty of other types of pop art as well, including the rock band Kiss, the Outer Limits TV show, and 80’s hair metal in general. Weiss has also proven to be a good student of history as well with the back story of Thomas Edison. While Edison was most certainly a scientific genius and no one would argue that point, he made at least two colossal blunders in his life. One was his refusal to move into feature-length films in the early days of cinema. He steadfastly refused to move from 15-minute one-reelers into true narrative film; thus his studio days ended rather quickly. But more famously, he had a very public argument with Westinghouse Electricity about what kind of current was most useful. Edison stubbornly argued for DC current while Westinghouse went with AC current. Westinghouse won out and your home now uses AC current. I thought this was a great storyline for the film and added a bit of fun for me as I was familiar with the historical background. But even if viewers aren’t familiar with this actual historical content, it doesn’t take away from enjoyment of the film.

There is plenty of comedy in the film from verbal sparring to physical comedy. The special effects are similar to the old Godzilla films–plenty of cheese to go around. And of course, Thong Girl’s ass laser is featured prominently, which means we get to see the attractive Alex Del Monacco’s behind in lovely close-up on numerous occasions (although her top half is her best part, in my opinion). One high point is the animation within the film. Since Thong Girl is a superhero, she has her own comic book, so some scenes in the film are rendered in comic book form and are very high quality. Tony Domenico is back as Boxer Brief Boy, overacting as usual as Thong Girl’s gay sidekick. While some of the acting is certainly sketchy, and not as good as Thong Girl 3, Domenico’s flowery overacting is perfect for his character. However, Domenico really shines in his second role as the Indian Guru Lowenstein (!) who helps Laura Layonme transition to Thong Girl. Even though this is a much more minor role, Domenico really shows his acting chops.

Weiss has seen fit to fill this latest DVD chock full of extra features that include a director’s commentary, deleted scenes, a blooper reel, a couple of behind-the-scenes featurettes, and even a trailer for the Thong Girl video game! The packaging is quite nice. Weiss has done another admirable job, producing an entertaining and high quality DVD and package for only $30,000. If you enjoy fun and cheesy features or you like superheroes, you can’t go wrong with Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric. For more information, go to the Thong Girl website at