Three Times Moving: The Kiss Through Time (2014) – By Brian Morton

There are times when I’m watching a movie and I’m certain that there’s something going on that’s way beyond my depth! Well, sitting through the short Three Times Moving: The Kiss Through Time was one of those times!

This short about a man in love and trying to figure out who with is a bit disjointed, moving back and forth between women, and (I think) timelines, I got lost pretty fast and wondered what exactly was going on. But, being that this is one part of a trilogy, I’m also wondering if maybe this is just because I’m only seeing one part of the puzzle! So, while I might have been a bit confused, I’m loathe to be too hard on a movie that might just be giving me the beginning of something else.

Standing alone, I’m giving Three Times Moving: The Kiss Through Time 2 out of 4 cigars, but I’m hoping that when the other pieces are revealed, I’ll understand more and that rating will be higher! See for yourself by heading over to