Three Times Moving: Time Forgotten (2014) – By Brian Morton

For the past couple of issues, I’ve been watching Lee Neville’s Three Times Moving trilogy, a set of shorts about love and loss. After seeing the first one, I was a bit confused. After the second, I was more interested to see where this love triangle would go. Now, after seeing the third, Three Times Moving: Time Forgotten, I’ll tell you straight out, I was blown away!

For two of the three shorts, we’re left wondering about the relationship between these three people, and, we’re sort of led to believe that Adam (Lee Neville) is leaving one woman for another. But, when the truth is finally revealed, I was honestly blown away!

I have to take back anything negative or misleading I said about the first two entries in this trilogy, if you see them, see all three…and watch them together, trust me, it’s worth it! I won’t tell you the ending, because that would totally spoil it, and I hate spoilers, just let me say that, while the first two segments move a bit slowly, the third will make it all make sense and wrap it up in a bow that might just have you crying!

I’m giving Three Times Moving: Time Forgotten, 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s the final chapter and it’s the chapter that makes the whole story perfect! Find out more and check it out for yourself by heading over to