Thunder-Sky! (2012) – By Brian Morton

As long as I’ve been watching the films of Alfred Eaker, they’ve been art. Which means, to me, movies that look amazing, have very deep meanings and are (usually) way over my head! Well, his latest movie isn’t art so much as it’s about art.

Thunder-Sky is about a local Cincinnati artist, Raymond Thunder-Sky, an native American who had mild autism, but was devoted to drawing scenes of construction and destruction. Raymond’s art is mainly about buildings being torn down and have words describing what will be put up in it’s stead…usually some kind of clown costume factory or some other fanciful thing. Raymond became something of a local legend around Cincinnati and, when he passed away, local artists decided that his legacy needed to be maintained, and did so by creating Thunder-Sky Inc., a place where ‘outsider’ artists and artists with physical and mental challenges can come to thrive and create.

It’s a fascinating doc, giving us insight to someone who you might never have heard of outside of local Cincinnati, and it’s well worth your time. The people featured in the doc will either have you interested in learning more, or interested in giving back to your own community! It’s a wonderful, inspirational doc that’s well worth your time and effort to find!

I’m giving Thunder-Sky 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s always cool to discover something that you’d never have heard of otherwise and, as always, Eaker brings an artistic sensibility to a documentary about artists…which makes it all the more profound and beautiful to look at. Find out more about the doc and about Raymond Thunder-Sky himself over at