Till You Get to Baraboo (2012) by Brian Morton

Love is one of the greatest things in the world…and it can tear your heart right out of your chest! We’ve all had it happen, a relationship ends and we spend days wallowing in self pity and self doubt, thinking back on all the good times and wondering what went wrong. Well, a new movie from Emmett Loverde, Till You Get to Baraboo, takes a look inside that hurt and introspection.

Roland has gone to Las Vegas to watch an old girlfriend get married (never a good idea) and finds himself plagued by ‘ghosts’ of past girlfriends. He relives old relationships, remembering the good times and wondering what went wrong…each girl, in turn, has to remind him that only memory is perfect and reality is far more complicated than we remember it being.

Loverde has managed something I’ve never seen before, taking the pain and hurt of an ended relationship and making it tangible. As Roland is reminded and is confronted by old girlfriends, you can’t help but think back on your own past and wonder about the choices and mistakes you’ve made in your past. It’s a wonderful movie that will have you sitting by the Kleenex…even if it’s only out of genuine self-pity! Find out more…and maybe get a bit on insight on yourself…by heading over to http://tillyougettobaraboo.com.