Tillman (2013) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a short is just enough, it’s a look into the life of someone and, if you went with a full feature, you might actually ruin the charm of the project. Well, that’s the kind of project that ‘Tillman’ is, it’s a look into the real life of a used car salesman…and it’s not all fun.

Tillman is a guy who’s just getting by. His car dealership isn’t going great guns, his marriage is definitely on the rocks and he has a secretary that’s providing more temptation than he needs at this point in his life. We meet Tillman as he’s trying to work up the courage to serve his wife with divorce papers, and wrestling with what to do about his flirty secretary. He’s a man who loves his family and wants to keep everything together, but is just having a very hard time accomplishing his goal!

Tillman is played wonderfully by everyone, but I want to give big kudos to Tim Cox for giving the main character a sort of quiet desperation that you can feel through the screen. It’s a short that’s wonderful and I’d love to see more from the filmmaker. Find out more for yourself over at http://www.timothyjcox.com.