Tilting at Skyscrapers (2012) – By Josh Samford

Video game and movie geeks are so often one and the same. From my close-knit group of friends, it seems that we are all gamers in some capacity or another. Whether one geek is as deeply committed to their gaming as the other, that is a different question, but for the most part we all play games. Seeing that my own generation are also becoming more vocal about this particular area of their geekdom, it also seems fairly obvious that more films will be produced by taking their inspiration from video games. Scott Pilgrim was only the beginning, I suspect, as more gamers will find ways to blend their two obsessions into one. Such is the case with the eight minute short film that I am reviewing today. Tilting at Skyscrapers is a short-subject film that focuses on gaming obsessions, and the sheer stupidity that may very well come of it.

Don is a video game nut who plays a bit too much Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. His neighbor, trying to get some rest in the middle of the night, tries to persuade him to get out of the house and do something constructive. Unfortunately, Don is a bit past that point. He has completely lost touch with reality and is unable to differentiate between the fictional world of games and his own reality. His neighbor, out of half-boredom and a little bit of concern, decides to play along with Don’s delusions, and so he watches Don attempts to infiltrate and then destroy the evil enemy base that is located near his own headquarters… that is, Don attempts to use a plunger as a weapon against a skyscraper across the street.

Tilting at Skyscrapers is obviously a comedy, and a very witty one at that. Remarkably well acted, the short plays like a particularly intelligent riff on video game culture and the over-exaggerated sense of self-importance that some gamers seem to have. At only eight minutes in length, it comes with a hearty recommendations. Beautifully shot and featuring a great deal of polish, this is a quality short. Currently available for free via YouTube, you can watch the short yourself by following this link: