Tin Man (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

I was sent Mill Creek Entertainment’s newest release of the Sci Fi Channel mini-series Tin Man. I think we all know L. Frank Baum’s classic story and the classic film that starred Judy Garland, but this is not that OZ.

Tin Man the Mini-Series stars Zooey Deschanel as D.G. (Dorothy Gail) who is whisked away by a tornado to a mystical land called The O.Z. (Outer Zone) that has been taken over by an evil sorceress named Azkadellia. In this new land she meets three characters Glitch a man whose brain has been taken out aka Scarecrow, Wyatt Cain a former sheriff or Tin Man and Raw a cowardly lion-man with telepathy and Richard Dryfuss is the Mystic Man (the Wizard). The Sorceress wants to put The O.Z. in total darkness and it’s up to D.G. and the others to stop her.

Tin Man can boast of great special effects and great acting, Zooey is priceless as the Dorothy Gail character and brings a sort of old school charm to this role, but somehow I feel the story doesn’t capture the magical feel of the 1939 classic.

This DVD set contains 2 disks with all three 90 minute movies and loads of bonus features; including tons of interviews, gag reels, making of features and more. The audio and video quality is tremendous.

If you love the world of sci-fi and want to take a out of this world trip to The O.Z. by all means pick up the DVD for under $10 or The Blu-Ray for just under $15. Not bad for 3 nights of entertainment! Head over to www.MillCreekEnt.com or your local DVD provider and get a copy today.

Moral Rating: Violence and Scary Images
Audience: Some scenes may be too scary for small children
Genre: Sci-Fi Action
Length: 207 Minutes
DVD Released: 2013
Mini-Series Rating: B-
DVD Rating: A