TKO: The Boxing Triple Feature (1939-1962) – By Jason S. Lockard


Boxing is one of the oldest sports in history! Featuring great legends of the sport such as Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Jack Dempsey, Max Baer, Max Schmeling, Jim Braddock. People have enjoyed films about this great sport and it’s legends for many years. Now Mill Creek Entertainment bring us three feature films from this great sport. Let’s take a look at the films included in this collection.

Our Rating System:

****=Don’t Miss it!
***=Worth a look.
**=An Ok way to spend an evening.
*=You haven’t missed anything.

Requiem for a heavyweight (1962) – After 17 years in the ring, a doctor confirms one more punch and boxer Mountain Rivera could become permanently disabled. Rivera tries to land a job outside the ring. But his manager has other plans for Rivera and coerces him into returning to the ring for a lucrative, yet humiliating, career. ****

Golden Boy (1939) – Joe Bonaparte a promising musician torn between he’s father wishes and his dream to be a boxer. When he convinces a near-bankrupt manager to give him a chance, Joe quickly rises in the ranks but also attracts the attention of the manager’s girl! ***

The Joe Louis Story (1953) – The man known as the Brown Bomber’s life is brought to the screen including The triumphs, the let-downs, the love he searched for. ***

This 3 movie DVD presents Requiem for a heavyweight in widescreen format and Golden boy and Joe Louis Story in full screen format. The audio and video quality are remarkable when you think the oldest film in this collection is seventy-six years old. The DVD menu is easy to access. That’s three classic boxing films for under ten bucks! That’s a knockout! I highly suggest you head over to and pick up a copy today!

Moral Rating: mild violence and adult situations
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: sport / drama / romance
Length: over 5 hours
DVD Released: 2015
DVD Rating: A+