Today (2004) – By Brian Morton

In the land of the independent film there’s just a ton of hacks and half-assed filmmakers. I’ve been pretty lucky that the independent movies I’ve seen have been, for the most part, pretty good…for the most part. And it seems like my lucky streak isn’t about to end any time soon. Although, from past experience, I think saying that pretty much ensures that the streak has, in fact, come to a screeching halt! But, while the streak is intact, let’s talk about a short movie that I saw that’s worth taking a look at…maybe more than once.

It’s called Today and it’s a short film by Michael Stern. Today is a love story broken from a different mold. Today is the story of Lori and Kyle. Now, they’ve only met once, in passing at a photo store, and they hit it off and spend the day together. It’s a case of a strong connection being made instantly, and not the kind of connection you guys out there are thinking of, these two people found true love instantly just in passing. But, there’s a problem, you see, the next day the apocalypse comes! Don’t you hate it when the apocalypse messes up your love life? Me too.

Stern has crafted a movie, told in flashbacks, of two people who passed in the night but somehow made a connection that will last forever. Now, ordinarily, a love story isn’t really my thing, but this is different. The acting and writing are so strong that you get lost in this movie very quickly. The only complaint I have with this, is the short 30-minute running time. I really wanted to know what the apocalyptic disaster was, and, I did want to see the lovers finally have a happy ending, but that’s also the strength of this film…so I should just shut my pie hole!

This is a short movie that you’d be wise to check out, and it’s coming from a filmmaker that I will watch with great interest, this is so well made, I’m really looking forward to a full-length movie from Mr. Stern! To see for yourself what I’m talking about, check it out at You can get Today and other short films by Michael Stern there, and they’re worth the time and effort, believe me. So until the next time, when I’ll be longing for that lost love of mine…the McDonalds McRib sandwich, remember, the best movies are bad movies.