Tomato Man (2010) – By Katie Wynne

Fresh off the vine, this film wants to make you angry. Is it the drug store-quality mask the killer wears, the terrible sound quality that leaves you screeching “ehhhh?” like a grandma at your television, or is it the meandering plot that drags you through hellishly long and uneventful scenes? It’s all of that my friends, and more.

The killer loves tomatoes and wears a shiny red plastic mask, spending his time oafishly stalking and then killing women. What doesn’t work about that seemingly brilliant story is the fact that it’s gruesomely boring and you practically beg for shots where you actually see him killing someone.

The acting is not good.

The music is not good.

Oh, and the picture quality is deplorable.

Listen, I like watching bad movies, but this one made its way into my ‘mad movies’ pile. That’s the stack that includes films I want to hit in the face. Other examples include Header and Soul Plane.

My apologies to the filmmakers that undoubtedly spent a lot of time, effort and love making this piece, but here is my two word review that you were all waiting for: it’s rotten.

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