Tom’s Music Videos of Doom (2014) – By Philip Smolen

“Tom’s Music Videos of Doom” is a series of five minute shorts that tell the story of struggling British video maker Tom (Roger Kennedy) who hasn’t made it yet in the world of music entertainment. In the first episode Tom has to beg his arch enemy Smug Guy (Julian Shaw) to lend him a tripod so he can shoot a video. In the second episode Tom and his buddy Hobbsy (Ed Allenby) try to shoot the music video for a bad glitter band that argues continuously with one another. In the third, desperate Tom gets a job from his ex-girlfriend who happens to be dating Smug Guy. All along the way Tom is continually let down by the people he trusts and always forced to compromise in order to make a little money.

This is an amusing set of short videos that successfully pokes fun at the music industry and those who are a part of it. Written and directed by Kirsty Eyre, “Tom’s Music Videos of Doom” is full of wonderful crazy characters that are totally self absorbed and believe in their own importance. Tom (wonderfully underplayed by Roger Kennedy) is only trying to move forward in life and fulfill his dream, but he is regularly beaten down by life’s unfairness. Far less talented filmmakers like Smug Guy (a fabulous Julian Shaw) constantly rub Tom’s nose in their successes.

While these videos have a decidedly British flavor, the satire on display is universal. “Tom’s Music Videos of Doom” are the perfect in-between TV show filler. Witty and made with a devilish sense of humor, they are an exceptional and clever look at the music video industry.

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