Tone Death (2017) – By Misty Layne


Well now, if this wasn’t some f*cked up f*cked upness! (There’s a compliment in there, I swear). So, the basic premise of TONE DEATH is – what extremes would you go to for something you truly believed in? The more complicated premise is this techno guy totes loses his mind and builds a soundbooth and starts killing people with sound because he’s convinced that he’s found the frequency that will free human consciousness. Like, I dunno what dude was smoking but it must’ve been GOOD shit for him to dream up that crazy theory! *winks*

I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for with this one, but TONE DEATH is definitely a horror flick (of the psychological/sci-fi nature) that, though it isn’t frightening in the traditional sense (jump scares, etc), is chilling purely because of techno guy’s mad belief and then his utter calmness when he starts (accidentally at first) killing people. (Made worse for me because dude looks AND acts like an evil ex of mine – as in the literally evil sense – geez…). TONE DEATH starts a little slow because the premise is that techno guy is early 40s and has decided to finally make an album. He’s also (of course) decided to film the process so the film is told from the point of the cameraman in charge of the documentary. So we learn a little back story and meet his friend, John, who’s going to rap or something, and get the boring’ish bits out of the way. This is also where we learn how/why techno dude is convinced there’s a frequency that can free human consciousness – turns out that back in the day when he was a club kid, he had a night of partying where because of whatever he took (ecstasy or something), he saw or felt part of himself leave his body due to the music. (It was a little confusing but it’s batshit crazy, so pretty sure it SHOULD be confusing). Anyway, our 3 guys end up in some basement somewhere with a homemade soundbooth thing (like a stand alone shower with a bunch of speakers built into it). I missed the point where techno dude decides to start chasing the sound rather than creating his album – maybe when he believes he made a dog disappear? After that, there’s a bunch of tricking people into the booth to try to disappear them with them dying in wonderfully gory ways instead. Techno dude is convinced that it’s the PEOPLE, not the booth, that’s the reason it’s not working. What happens next? Who all dies? Is techno dude caught and does justice get served? (hahaha)

TONE DEATH was pretty damn good. The premise was unique (at least, *I’ve* not seen another movie about sound killing people…I don’t think) and the actors were all great. Especially techno dude. Seriously, even if he HADN’T looked/acted like my ex, he still would’ve been scary AF. Like, if *I* accidentally kill someone, I’m not just going to give a world-weary sigh, shake my head, and tell someone to go get me the Windex. *I* will freak the fuck out, thankyouverymuch. Oh, and considering it’s a “documentary”, the cinematography is pretty good – no shaky cam and there are some nice angles in a few scenes that work super well. A word of warning, however, make sure you have your sound turned wayyyyyy the fuck down because holy mary, mother of god, does that heavenly “take my consciousness” sound hurt like a mofo! All in all, I def recommend TONE DEATH.

TONE DEATH is an uniquely themed, psychological horrror film with sci-fi overtures, that hits most of the sweet spots from the horror handbook and is a lot of fun too boot. Check the film out at it’s website and enjoy!