Top 10 B-Movie Fan Confessions – By Danny Runion

I hope that the illustrious B-movie fans can admit they’ve seen from "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" to "Zardoz". Most B-movie fans tend to be looked down with the artistically superior look of the artsy film fans. How many times have you looked puzzled when everyone around you looks confused when you try to explain who Bruce Campbell is? Most of the DVDs are boxed up because not enough bookcases could shelve up your movie collection. Finally you should admit your B-movie addiction which might take all the 1930s and 1940s ape movies off your back.

This is just a slight list…

10. Know the difference between Bruce Le, Bruce Li, and Dragon Lee for the Brucesploitation of Bruce Lee.

9. Blu-Ray and Criterion DVDs for "Critters 2" and "Troll 2", need I say more?

8. Know all the sub-names of "Friday the 13th", "Halloween", and "Nightmare on Elm Street" and which of those movies are the "Final Chapter".

7. "Alligator" taught us about the alligators in the New York City sewers.

6. You are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse and think "Walking Dead" is actually a survival reality program.

5. Have at least 3 different copies of "Army of Darkness" and "Evil Dead 2" in VHS and DVD.

4. Always regretted losing the Maniac Cop movie poster.

3. The "Green Slime" theme song should be sung more often around everyone’s houses.

2. Your copy of "Piranha 2: the Spawning" is in hard cover keep case container.

1. You’ve actually watched all the movies on a 100 movie DVD set and are proud of actually getting through it.