Top 10 B-movie Questions – By Danny Runion

Letterman isn’t the only one with Top 10 Lists. Well, I can be hopeful this is a list that won’t be as politically humorous to cause arguments. We’ve had enough shouting from all of the news channels. It is time for me to try some more attempted B-movie humor.

*   *   *

10. Can you scream "Outlander!" from "Children of the Corn" without starting to smirk?

9. Can you sing the theme songs of the "Blob" and "Green Slime"?

8. How many personal license plates of CTHULU and SAURON, do you have?

7. How many times do you yell "Open by CROM!" when entering or leaving a grocery store?

6. How many times have you been amazed by the number of sequels of "Scream" or "Resident Evil"?

5. How many Clive Barker Chinese puzzle boxes have you tried to buy, build, or draw?

4. Have you ever wanted to take a vacation to the "Planet of the Apes"?

3. Can you count at least 20 movies with sharks, snakes, or alligators without the adjectives "Giant", "Mega", or "Super"?

2. Can you organize all the Hammer and Universal "Dracula" and "Frankenstein" movies?

1. How many times have you wondered why aliens from UFOs speak perfect English?