Toutes les jeunes filles sont en fleur (Young Girls In Flower) (2011) – By Brian Morton

When a movie starts with an older couple, one of whom has just dropped a flower pot out of their 15th story window, you might expect things to be a bit drab and slow. Well, in a new short from Sebastien Babeux called Toutes les Jeunes Filles sont en Fleur (Young Girls In Flower), things might start off in the normal world but quickly move into something very different.

When Armand is sent by his wife to find where her flower pot has landed, he discovers a young girl lying unconscious in the alley. He brings her to their apartment to take care of her and things begin to unwind from there. They both find themselves attracted to this young girl…who is imminently attractive…but in different ways. Armand finds himself being detached, yet interested from afar, while his wife, Yvette, reveals that she’s been attracted to women her whole life. This leaves the girl with feelings of fear, longing and confusion!

This 27 minute short is clearly an arthouse film…which usually means that there’s subtext that almost always goes over my head! But, on its face, Young Girls In Flower is a tale of ageless love and longing told in a very ethereal way. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy a movie that you might not always understand, then you’ll like this. Toutes les Jeunes Filles Sont en Fleur is one of the better arthouse films I’ve seen, the acting is great, the look of the film is amazing and the ending will make you think about what you’ve just seen. I’m giving Toutes les Jeunes Filles Sont en Fleur 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but it’s a great film nonetheless and is a good calling card for Mr. Babeux. You can find out more over at