Trancers (1984) – By Jason S. Lockard

B-Movies! Your either love them or you hate them! Empire Pictures headed by Charles Band released many B-movies in the 80s in genres of sci-fi, horror and fantasy. One of the best was Trancers! Now it’s available on blu-ray from Full Moon Features.

Trancers follows Jack Deth a trooper in Angel City, 2247, who was eliminating the last of the disciples of the evil Martin Whistler. Whistler used his psychic power to ‘trance’ those with weak minds and force them to do his bidding. Whistler who was thought to be dead is found alive and well by the City Council in the year 1985. Whistler’s plan to destroy the City Council by killing their ancestors! It’s up to Jack Deth to go to the past to save the future! Will He succeed? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

This audio and video on this blu-ray is gorgeous! The blu-ray includes a documentary looking back at the making of Trancers and the 25 minute sequel Trancers 1.5 City of Lost Angels from the anthology film Pulse Pounders, which is a great bonus. The Ultimate Edition is a great release.

Trancers is B-Movie cheese! Don’t go into this thinking it is anything else but that! If you love Trancers this is the best way to enjoy it again and again! Get your copy today at

Moral Rating: violence, adult language
Audience: Parental guidance
Genre: Film noir, sci-fi, action
Blu-ray Time: 2 hours
Blu-ray Released: 2014
Rating: A