Transience (2013) – By Misty Layne

TRANSIENCE tells the story of Tom and George, a couple who have been together for many years, but have reached a crossroads in their relationship. George is moving ahead with a successful professional life, while Tom is still trying to enjoy life, as if he were in his 20’s, staying out late, partying hard. Will the party ever end for Tom? Will he commit to George fully?

This is another short, beautifully shot in black and white and it’s a silent film to boot (which works really well for the most part). The lack of dialogue did leave me with a few questions such as:

1. Exactly how long have Tom and George been together and what are their exact ages (because one looks much, much younger than the other)?

2. If the younger one is actually in his 30s or 40s, why exactly is he still in adolescent, party mode?

3. And what exactly is the news that they get that is the catalyst for the eventual change towards the better in their relationship?

It’s easy to guess at these things of course and it’s always fun to not have things spelled out for you but knowing these things would have been nice and I think, furthered the story. That said, Transience is a beautiful little film about people in a relationship that’s grown stale, who are trying their best to survive and figure out if they can do that together. Silent films always seem to me the toughest to act in because the audience can only take away what they learn from visual cues but both actors here did a fine job and there were several lovely shots – a close up of wedding rings, etc. – that enhanced the film.

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