Trantastic (2010) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a movie drops on my desk and I’m not sure what to think. Then, after watching it, I’m still not sure exactly what to think. I had just that kind of experience with Scumbag Movies latest, Trantastic!

This ‘mock-umentary’ follows a group of Transvestites as they attempt to form a group to educate the public about themselves. Brandon is the leader of the group and he’s joined by two other transvestites and soon the three are arguing like schoolgirls…pardon the turn of phrase.

The real beauty of this movie is that each guy is less feminine than the next, dressed in women’s clothes, these dudes look…well, terrible and hysterical at the same time!

Trantastic is trying to open our minds while making us laugh and it’s succeeding perfectly. It’s telling us not to judge people merely by the outside, that you really need to get to know someone before putting a label on them, and all the time it’s doing this, it’s making you laugh as hairy dudes dressed as girls…it’s great!

I’m giving Trantastic 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a bit long and I felt like it could have moved a bit faster in segments, but, if you love to laugh and learn at the same time…then you’ll enjoy this. Grab a dress and get a copy for yourself over at