Trash Flicks for a Media Blitz (2007) – By Josh Samford

When writing for Rogue Cinema, I tend to mostly cover independent film these days due to our fair popularity out there in the "scene" has garnered us about two dozen screeners a month, which we all do our best to get to as soon as humanly possible. So I have seen films that cover all budgets, so Trash Flicks For A Media Blitz from comedy troupe The Thirteenth Floor in terms of lower budgeted affairs is not much new in that realm of things – however, I have to say it certainly could use at least a little polish – which is something they will hopefully work towards if they continue to film their silly antics. Essentially working in the same vein as films such as The Kentucky Fried Movie and others, Trash Flicks is the kind of work you’re either going to snicker at and have a good time with or hold your nose defiantly in the air and wag your finger at. Truthfully, both points of view are warranted in their own way – but I do my best to try and understand the point of view of the filmmaker and take the audience into consideration and try to center myself in the center. In the case of Trash Flicks, I’m torn between my love of cinema and my love of bad taste and crude comedy. Go figure.

Trash Flicks is essentially shot on home video cameras it seems with some bright moments of stylish editing and sets that are decorated in a manner that at least allows the audience to suspend disbelief somewhat. However, at the same time that I mention all of this, it is aparent that Trash Flicks is not intended with the hopes of creating either high art nor a commercial masterpiece that they are looking to make millions off of. The introduction which features blasting rock music played over a TV screen featuring countless clips of mayhem and madness from dozens of cult films and 80’s nostalgia that they obviously do not have the rights to – so Trash Flicks to me is an intelligent portfolio for a group of friends looking to further their comedy troupe; and in that instance if you can put all of its technical flaws aside – I can’t say I didn’t laugh with Trash Flicks For a Media Blitz. It is a goofy, fun, hardcore good time. Like a good party tape… except without cheap metal bands and dancing retarded people (let’s see who gets that odd reference). Lots of swears, sexual jokes and even a guy taking a mousetrap to certain areas of the male anatomy that just DO NOT need that sort of trauma. Trash Flicks is essentially a series of random, strange and often funny little skits that should entertain. I certainly recommend it for what it is, and hope that the guys continue to grow into their editing and directorial skills. I’m sure they are on their way up! You can read more from these crazy folks over at