True-D (2012) – By Misty Layne

TRUE-D, written, produced and directed by Noel Brady and hailing from Ireland is one of those short films that’s overwhelmingly easy to fall in love with, especially for this girl. It’s short and to the point and highly effective in getting across the message that we’re all just humans. TRUE-D is one of those rare films where I find it impossible to find anything wrong with it.

Boasting a killer soundtrack, TRUE-D starts with a suicidal man who is down on his luck. While contemplating jumping from a bridge, he meets a troubadour who hands him a bag that contains pairs of glasses. Upon putting on the glasses, the man begins to see the world around him in “true-d”, meaning that he can see the histories of all the people around him, all the life choices they made that got them to the point they are now, all brilliantly played out by each person’s shadow. He realizes he isn’t as alone as he thought and begins handing out “true-d” glasses to each and every person he meets.

Simple, yes? Idealistic, yes? But I appreciate idealism, especially in such an effective form. I’d much rather see a message of hope coming across in film than the tearing down of people, races, humanity and it’s films such as these that continue to give me hope for the human race.

Noel Brady has done a superb job here and working with very little. Part parable, part avant-garde, TRUE-D is a sight to behold. Each actor plays their part to perfection and no character is minute. It’s a beautifully woven story that reminds us that we are not alone.

To learn more about TRUE-D, please visit them here.