Truly Entertaining Candidates for the Election – By Danny Runion

After the sugar rush of Halloween and hopefully the end of all the political ads for a few months, we can look to the later part of this month with Thanksgiving, a feast of turkey. After the recovery of the turkey or ham leftovers, unfortunately, the new ads will remind us that it is only "X" shopping days until Christmas. Only a few more days before we’ll be finished with the Presidential election for four years, who isn’t completely tired with it. With the number of annoying political commercials over the past few few months and robo-call surveys, I can only offer my sympathies for whoever is living in a battleground state. A few years ago I gave my version of what a Freddy Kreuger administration would look like. However, this isn’t the time to look forward to that time of blatant and crass commercialization. This month I’m giving you a few candidates and some of their cabinets that would have to be somewhat more entertaining than whatever we’ve endured for the last years of trial and tribulation.

Superman has popped up in a several alternate realities of the DC universe as President. Batman is the man anybody would want for Secretary of State, Defense, and Attorney General. Green Lantern would run the Department of Energy. A Clark Kent Administration would have Kryptonite tagged a governmentally controlled substance.

Very few superheroes could stand near President Superman. Of course, Marvel has Captain America who one could say is maybe in the same range. Matt Murdock would be Attorney General, fighting prosecuting crimes slightly less permanently than Frank Castle would. Professor X would be the Secretary of State and Secretary of Education. Who would be a better strategist and tactician than a Norse god of war, Thor?

One actor would automatically seem to be the man of action to take care of business, Harrison Ford. Between Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, and the president in "Air Force One" who else would you need? Indiana Jones knows to bring a gun to a knife fight. Jack Ryan knows his stuff about national security. Keanu Reeves would be secretary of transportation from his bus driving experiences. John Wayne would be the head of the Defense Department for breaking chairs over the head of anyone calling him "Mr. Secretary." Just to keep presidential security at top, let Bruce Willis run the Secret Service, so he can go all Die-Hardian on anyone that requires it.