Turning Point (2010) – By Jason S. Lockard

Being an independent filmmaker myself I’m always interested in seeing new films from fellow Indy Filmmakers and I recently had the pleasure of viewing the new Little Beth Movie Release from Writer/Director Peter Fields entitled Turning Point! While the film clocks in at just about 43 minutes they are 43 very enjoyable minutes!

The story is about a hot-shot talent agent from Akron Ohio named Max Jordan (played by Brian Richeson) who wants to hit the big time in L.A. His obsession with success pushes his fiancée (Lindsay Bonilla) away and thus puts him on a collisions course with tragedy! While texting and driving he hears something hit his car it’s a ball he than looks around "stupid kids" than drives off, later that day he sees a news report that a child is in the hospital because of a hit-and-run! Max fears it’s his fault so after finding out the child is an orphan he begins a mission to help the boy recover, but little did he know that a bond would grow between the two! Now Max faces a decision does he go to LA and begins his successful career or turn himself in to the police for the crime he “committed“! What decision does he make?! Well, you’ll have to pick up a copy of the film to find out!

Turning Point is a great little film. Some of the acting seemed a little forced in my opinion at times, but the cinematography took me back to the glory days a cinema. And I loved the classic fade out editing. So often in this days we see to fancy of transitions from once scene to the next… that so often can just be plain annoying well, not in this film! Also there is no offensive material in this film whatsoever. You can sit down with your kids, grand kids, mom, dad and grandparents and everyone will enjoy this film! It is a great little film for the whole family! Don’t miss this one! You can get a copy of the DVD at http://www.littlebeth.com/turningpoint.html and the films score is available on CD through Amazon.com

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Family
Genre: Drama
Length: 43 min.
Released: 2010
Our Rating: A-