Twin Peaks (1990) – By Josh Agnew

From the mind of David Lynch and Mark Frost comes a spooky, surrealistic TV series entitled, Twin Peaks. You might remember this series when it came on way back in the early nineties. Twin Peaks started out strong
but eventually the public lost interest and it was soon cancelled. Perhaps mainstream America wasn’t ready for Lynch’s take of a soap opera? Who knows?

In the pilot episode, which Lynch directed himself, the small town of Twin Peaks wakes up one morning to find the body of seventeen year old Laura Palmer. The whole town is shaken up by the death of such a popular
girl. Soon after there is news of another girl that is missing, but she is eventually found stumbling along the railroad tracks, beaten up, bloody, and not remembering anything. The FBI is called in and Special Agent Dale Cooper comes to town. Agent Cooper, with the help of the sheriff, Harry S. Truman, soon uncovers some interesting facts about Laura that nobody knew about. While the town tries to come to grips with what’s
happening in their community, Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman try to piece the clues together and figure out who the murderer is before anybody else dies.

David Lynch did a great job in directing and writing this movie. He and Frost came up with an interesting story full of quirky characters that are enjoyable to watch. The lighting, the camera movements and angles, as well as an eerie soundtrack all help lend a hand to the dark atmosphere of the movie. And the story moves along at a pretty good pace and doesn’t bog down that much.

As I said earlier, Twin Peaks has some quirky characters. Agent Cooper is a fine example, played perfectly by Kyle MacLachlan. Agent Cooper carries around a tape recorder and talks into it constantly and he’s always referring to a Diane. I couldn’t tell you if he actually named the recorder Diane or if it’s an assistant
back home, but it’s funny everytime he talks into it. Agent Cooper is a weird little guy but you can’t help but like the man. He’s just one example of the many interesting characters in this strange little town.

If you’re a Lynch fan or just a fan of strange murder mysteries, then I would suggest picking up the pilot episode of Twin Peaks. While you’re watching it and all the other little sub-plots unfurl, you can’t help but try to guess who the killer is. Too bad you have to watch the entire series before you’re finally told who it is.