Ultimate Death Match (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

After a death in the ring, the Federation of Pro Wrestling has lost their license. Undaunted by this set back and looking to play off the negative publicity about the death, promoter Jake Reed sets up an illegal internet pay-per-view called the Ultimate Death Match, in which he guarantees that someone will die.

Now I used to be a wrestling fan, so I’m pretty familiar with the wrestling biz and what goes on both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. This film attempts to give you that behind the scenes feel, while at the same time telling a story. So how was it?

Well, to be honest, the fast forward button will be your friend with this one. It’s literally a little bit of story tying together a series of the fakest looking matches I’ve ever seen in my life, which make up the majority of the film. There’s very little story here. At least 85% of this film consists of these elimination matches leading up to the final match where someone actually gets killed.

Now when I say these matches look fake, I’m understating it. I mean, they’re really bad. Kicks that miss by several inches with nothing behind them causing the "recipient" to act like he just got kicked, punches that aren’t even close to landing and don’t have much behind them anyway bringing out the same reaction, lots of blood suddenly appearing out of nowhere when the guy was blood free only seconds before, etc…. It was just bad.

The only real bright spot in this film is Al Snow. Wrestling fans will certainly know who Al Snow is, and no matter what he does, he’s always a really likeable guy. He plays one of the color commentators in this film, and as such, his role is rather limited, but he gets a relatively decent amount of screen time. The only other wrestler anyone is likely to recognize is a guy (sorry, I don’t know his real name) who was known in the WWE as Diesel. He only has the tiniest of bit parts though, and quickly disappears. I’ve never seen any of the other wrestlers. I can only assume that they’re random people from various, regional indie organizations.

So is it worth seeing? No. Is it worth seeing if you’re a wrestling fan? Still no. It just not fun, not interesting, and you’ll be fast forwarding through the lame matches just to get to the next tiny bits of story. The sad part is, there’s an Ultimate Death Match II. This was absolutely not a sequel worthy film.

Conclusion: Skip it.

This DVD was released by MVD Entertainment Group. You can get more info or purchase it here.