Uncanny (2015) – By Jason S. Lockard


Technology has made amazing leaps in the last couple of decades. Who would have ever thought that we could have a full functioning computer in the palm of our hands, but smart phones have done just that. Technology is great right? But Technology can have an evil side! The new film Uncanny explores the evil side of technology! Lets take a look at this film.

Uncanny follows David Kressen, a child prodigy and scientist who has been working in seclusion for 10 years on perfecting his ultimate creation: Adam, an artificial intelligence that is indistinguishable from an actual human being. Enter Joy Andrews, a reporter is given access for a week to do a series of interviews about Adam and his creator. Little did she know she would fall for David. Seems perfect Joy and David in love and Adam will make David famous! That is until Adam begins to exhibit behavior unlike anything A.I.’s should.

While this premise of this film has been done before this is still an entertaining film. It’s a film with a message. We put so much trust in technology, even to a fault. This could end up biting us in the end.

So if you love those ultra heavy “science” fiction films this one is for you. Head over to your local DVD provider or go to www.Image-Enertainment.com for more info on this release.

Moral Rating: Violence, adult language, sexual content
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: thriller / mystery / sci-fi / horror
Length: 94 minutes
Released: 2015
Our Rating: B