Under the Radar (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Under the Radar is a twenty minute short that makes a perfect first act for a feature or teaser for a television series. Well shot and acted with a plot that’s familiar but has plenty of places to go off into interesting and unique directions.

Miles Bentley (Kiyano La’vin) is a bounty hunter with a perfect record when it comes to capturing fugitives. Entrusted with the return of Issam “The Mechanic” Hadded (Said Faraj) for whom Daniel McMullen (John Wesley) has posted a two million dollar bond. However what should be an easy assignment goes south when he and partner Rusty (David ‘Shark’ Fralick) are jumped by well armed thugs in what seems like a set up. Now with the clock ticking, Miles needs to find and recapture The Mechanic while not being sure who he can trust. The film ends with him setting out to do just that.

Although the producers say they’re interested in expanding it as either a feature film or for tv it has the feel of something suited for the small screen. The setup of the bounty hunter working for the upscale bail bondsman, the interplay between Daniel’s receptionist Katherine(Tiffany Phillips) and Rhonda (Cleo King), etc have the feel of recurring characters and situations and that is meant in the best possible way.

Writer Lawrence Bucher and director Frank Pinnock combine to give Under the Radar a fast paced and snappy feel to it. It never feels stale despite the well worn concept. If they can deliver a full hour long pilot episode like this and maintain the level of quality, this could easily be a hit show.

Under the Radar is definitely now on my radar.

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6029466

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