Unholy Passion (2006) – By Timothy Martinez

 Jerry and Dan are best friends. One day a mysterious woman named Carmen comes into their lives, sending them into a tailspin by seducing them. In his dreams, Jerry meets another woman, who identifies herself as Misty. She turns out to be a Succubus who haunts men in their sleep, attempting to steal their souls. She informs Jerry that Carmen is also just such a creature, only one that can move about in the real world. Disliking the competition, she convinces Jerry to kill Carmen. However, Jerry soon has second thoughts and breaks the deal. Not happy, Misty begins to haunt his dreams ever more, ordering his compliance and threatening all manner of horrible scenarios if he does not obey her. Soon she is demanding Dan’s sould if he does not cooperate. Will he betray his best friend or defy the demoness?

Have you ever watched a movie with a missing reel? That’s the feeling I got from this film. I couldn’t help but think that my DVD player was skipping scenes, as all too often things didn’t quite make sense and I had to rewind and watch again. I suppose this would be my biggest complaint about this movie: it doesn’t seem to explain itself very well. If I had not read the description on the back of the case, I’m not sure I would have known what was going on. While extremely slow moving, it still seems to jump forward too fast on occasion. Another aspect that hindered my enjoyment was the lack of any kind of suspense or tension. There is a lot of agonizing on the part of Jerry over his over decisions, and the question as to whether he will go through with his deal or pay the price constantly looms overhead, but there just wasn’t anything to really make me want to see what happens. Nothing really hooked me into the story.

I cannot fault the actors. For the most part they do a decent job. The standout is by far Noelle Perris as Misty, who plays her part with some gusto and lends a fair amount of sexiness to the film. The blood and guts are somewhat subdued (at least by my definition) and look somewhat silly at times. Everything else just seemed rather languid. In the end, I loved the idea behind the film, but in my opinion the end product needed some polishing here and there.

To learn more about this film or to order a copy for yourself, visit the official website at http://www.unholypassion.com.