Unknown Rockstar (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

Musicians, singers and songwriters used to only be able to make a living doing what they loved if they got the "Big" break and signed a record deal, but now with the internet; artists are all over and you can uncover great singers and musicians that you would have otherwise never heard of before. Liz Melendez is such an artist and is the subject of the new documentary from William Rich entitled Unknown Rockstar!

Unknown Rockstar follows Liz from her early years in Albuquerque New Mexico, to her first gig first gig at a place called The Barn; she recalls how their lead singer had a severe bike accident the night before and could not sing. The next night at the gig band members were forced to take turns singing songs they knew. From the back of the club everyone heard a lady yell "Let the chick sing!" Liz has been singing ever since!

As a writer/performer Liz considers herself to be an outlaw, "Anyone trying to function in the music business you have to be an outlaw!" Apparently it’s in the blood as Liz tells of her family lore that her Great, Great, Great grandfather was a member of Billy the Kid’s gang. This is what inspired her song "Justice County!"

In 995 Liz came through Atlanta; she admits that the players in Atlanta were much better than her, but it made her better! In 1997 she left her home in New Mexico and moved to Atlanta.

Liz opens her heart to the audience when she speaks about the bitter sweet time of the release of her debut album "Mercy", but how her father died of a massive stroke not long after that!

This documentary shows the highs and lows of Melendez’s life and career. The different filters and effects used makes you feel like your watching a rock video! At just under one hour and fifteen minutes this documentary moves well except for a few minor audio issues the film was perfect!

So if your a fan of Rock Music! If you want to discover "The greatest guitar player you’ve never heard of!" Pick up a copy of Unknown Rockstar! – http://www.UnknownRockstarMovie.com

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: All Ages
Genre: Documentary
Length: 74 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: A-