Unthinkable: An Airline Captain’s Story (2014) – By Brian Morton

Conspiracy theories can be fun. There’s always someone who’s looking for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, but we all know, ultimately that these things are largely BS! But, if you decide to venture into the world of one of these believers, it can be fun for a while, as long as you keep your perspective and your wits about you. Well, Unthinkable is a movie that wants to drag you into its world, the world of Marshall Phillips, a former pilot who has proof that the 9/11 attacks were not only a set up, but that the government was aware that it was coming!

Marshall’s beliefs have cost him his job, his marriage and a lot of his friends. But he keeps plugging away and he now has some proof that he believes will blow the lid off his case. It’s not long after this that Marshall and his children are found dead of an apparent murder/suicide…and it’s not long after that this their friends and other believers are investigating, believing that the government has finally killed Marshall to keep him quiet!

This movie is based on the story of Phillip Marshall, a 9/11 author who was assassinated, but how close it adheres to the real story, I’m not sure, since I’m not that familiar with the real Mr. Marshall. What I do know is that this movie is a bit slow, trying to drag me into the conspiracy in a sort of ham fisted way, it’s never explained what exactly Marshall has that the government wants and, when it’s handed off to a young friend of Marshall’s son, it’s still left hanging as to what exactly the bad guys are after…so I never felt really connected to what was going on. I felt more like I was watching a bunch of paranoid people who had all agreed to the same delusion.

I’m giving Unthinkable: An Airline Captain’s Story 2 out of 4 cigars, because it’s a conspiracy theory that never really reveals itself to us, and therefore become a sort of ‘who cares’ kind of thing. I would have loved to have seen this proof, or at least know what it was going to reveal. You can check this out for yourself by heading over to http://www.unthinkable-movie.com.