Uschi Digard: The Buxom Bombshell Collection (2006) – By Brian Morton

 In the world of the grindhouse, more than a few legends were made, and one of the biggest was Uschi Digard. Now, if you’re like me (and pray that you’re not!) then you’ve probably never heard of Ms. Digard, but if you’re in the know then you’ll be aware that she starred in more than 80 movies and was featured in the Russ Meyer’s classic movies Supervixens and Beyond The Valley Of The Ultra-Vixens, and when you say she’s been in Russ Meyer’s movies, that can mean only one thing, that Uschi is a ‘very healthy’ young lady!

The Buxom Bombshell Collection features two movies starring Uschi Digard, the first Fancy Lady, made in 1971, is a silent movie with all the dialogue being in the form of voice over narration, in the movie Uschi plays a Scandinavian reporter who’s sent to San Francisco’s tenderloin district to report on the differences between the American and the Scandinavian sex scene, hard hitting reporting, no doubt…pun intended. In the course of the movie, Uschi watches a girl-on-girl movie, then wanders into a building where she thinks she hears someone crying out in pain, only to discover a young couple having some wild sex, then when she gets back to her hotel, she’s aroused from everything she’s seen all day, so she has a little session of her own, with her shoe!!

The extra feature on the DVD is a short movie called Dirty Pool made in 1970, this is more of the same, a silent shortie with narration as the only voice work. The story is your standard classic porn plot, a man marries a woman who he’s having trouble with. It seems that his wife is something of a sun worshipper and when she worships the sun, she absorbs the suns energy and it becomes sexual energy within her, a process that’s described by the narrator as ‘osmosis’, and he makes it seem like some kind of very technical term! Well, what does any husband do when he’s having trouble satisfying his wife, that’s right, he calls in another couple…or maybe that’s only in these kinds of movies, I can’t be sure. Needless to say, what you think is going to happen, happens and then the movie ends.

This is a lesson in movie history, there’s even a short extra featuring ‘42nd Street Pete’, who’s a grindhouse historian, who explains about Uschi and the grindhouse movie in general. It’s a very interesting short, in fact, it made me want to learn more about this part of film history. But, as a classic nugget, The Buxom Bombshell Collection is a great starting point, if you’d like to peek into the past yourself drop on over to Retro-Seduction And until next we meet when I’ll be filing a hard-hitting report on the differences in the beer in my refrigerator and the beer at the bar, remember that the best movies are bad movies!