Uwharrie (2012) – By Brian Morton

Alright, I have to admit that I think I’m finally over the ‘shaky cam’ movies. It seems like one person had a hit with it and suddenly it’s everyone’s idea of scary. Well, there’s a new movie from Christopher Flowers, Uwharrie, and, even though it’s shaky cam, I can’t decide if it’s supposed to be scary or funny.

Two friends are taking a camping trip to celebrate one of their upcoming wedding. So, naturally, they decide to document the whole event on camera….it’s perfectly natural! As they head out into the woods, first they see what they think might be a bear, but it’s on its back legs. Then, they’re accosted by frat boys and the next thing you know, Bigfoot is on the rampage and killing everyone in the middle of the woods….and there’s a lot more people in the middle of the woods than you might imagine!

At first, I was sure that Flowers and company wanted me to take this movie seriously and be scared. Then, after an uncountable amount of ‘dude’s and ‘awesome’s later, I became convinced that maybe they were trying to be funny and campy. Then, in the end, I couldn’t decide, it could be someone’s bad idea seeing fruition, or it could be someone’s idea to spoof these terrible ‘homemade’ movies….I’m going to assume that it’s the later, and that Flowers and company had their tongues firmly in their cheeks and got what they were getting…otherwise, some of what was going on is just to absurd to be believable!

I’m giving Uwharrie 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s short enough that it doesn’t outlive it’s welcome and it keeps you wondering what the hell is going on…am I supposed to be afraid or laughing?!?! It’s certainly worth a look. Find out more and check it out for yourself by heading over to http://vimeo.com/53730447.