Very Little Time (2009) – By Brian Morton

When you tell me that you’re sending me a time travel movie with only one person in the movie, I get a bit nervous…in fact, downright panicky! Well, that’s how I felt when I saw the new movie from the Wynn Brothers, Very Little Time, in my inbox, but I shouldn’t have been!

Very Little Time is the story of Ryan Telnifer, a normal guy who tests products for a living. One afternoon, while doing a bit of gardening, Ryan comes across a locked box, at first he’s only marginally interested in what’s in the box, but, when he’s contacted online by someone whose screen name is very_little_time, things take a strange turn. Ryan is warned not to open the box…which, of course, only makes him more curious, and when the box is opened, Ryan’s life takes an even stranger turn!

Very Little Time is a pretty interesting story, I won’t give away any more than I have, just suffice it to say that you’ll find yourself slowly becoming more and more involved in poor Ryan’s life! Very Little Time manages to take a single person movie and make it edge of your seat viewing. I’m giving Very Little Time 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, the special effects are amazing for the budget level, and the story is great! You can get a copy of this cool indie movie by heading over to