Violence of the Mind (2013) – By Brian Morton

Love is a wonderful thing…but it can turn very dark and weird, as we all know. But, when it does turn weird, its fun to watch (if you’re not involved), and so we get movie after movie after movie about ‘dark romances’. Well, Scream Kings have given us a dark romance with a different flavor, it’s Violence of the Mind and it’s very strange indeed.


The story here involves young waiter Sebastian, who meets an older man, Max. Well, it seems that Max has a fascination with violence and is looking to indulge his fantasy. So, when the two men meet a perfect stranger, it seems only fitting that they kill him. The two then move from feeling guilty to feeling exultation, and soon they’re on the hunt for more victims to feed their rush. They both have a female friend, both of whom know that something is going on with their friend, suspecting that this relationship isn’t exactly healthy.


In the end, we’re left with a strange hodge-podge ending, where everyone gets their just deserts…sort of. Violence of the Mind is different, only in that it’s ‘gay themed’, other than that, I believe I’ve seen this movie done in a hetero-sexual style, the young innocent who’s corrupted by the ‘evil’ older person, it’s pretty standard stuff, except in this version the couple are gay men. Is it a good movie? Sure, I enjoyed it, the acting is strong, the story is good and it’s well worth your time. Is it ‘ground breaking’? Not really, unless you’re shocked or outraged in some way by homosexuals…and, really, if you are, maybe it’s time to get your shit together!


I’m giving Violence of the Mind 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s a good movie, and it’s always interesting to see a gay-themed movie, and I suppose that it’s interesting to see a ‘standard straight theme’ used with a gay cast. Is it something you’ve never seen before? No. Is it something worth seeing? Absolutely. You can find out more by heading over to