Violets Bloom at an Empty Grave (2014) – By Loida Garcia

After being away from her childhood home for what seems to be many years, Karen decides to pay a visit only to discover upon arrival that things aren’t what they seem.

This film is in the tradition of 80’s Italian Horror, being that I’m not terribly familiar with this particular genre/style and my first reaction to this movie was not the greatest I decided to look up one of Lucio Fulci’s movies (The House By The Cemetery) in order to have something to base by review on.  

The overall music by Maestro Fabio Frizzi is spot on and gives the proper air to the story.  Unfortunately the transitions were not very smooth.  There was also some very obvious voice over work done.  Putting those two notes aside, the soundtrack was good.

There were a few things that bugged me to no avail.  Why on earth does the actress who plays Karen swing her arms so much?  I’m sure that it’s something that others wouldn’t pick up on much but it just stuck out like a sore thumb from the first moment you see her.  Not to mention her facial expression.  She seems to have only one expression throughout the entire movie and it’s a cross between the “stink eye” and the equivalent of a monotone voice.

The blocking was also odd, or perhaps it was just the acting that made the blocking seem odd…

Moving on.  There was a blue film used in the movie that just cheapened the overall look tremendously.  I understand that it was either done to make the movie seem other wordly OR to just give you the feeling of it being winter but it just failed in my opinion.

The twist in the film stays true to the style they were going for, but it was easily seen coming.

Did the movie succeed in being in the style of an 80’s Italian Horror?  Yes.  It was pretty spot on except for the voice over where you could obviously tell because the sound and lips did not sync up properly.  Other than that, it was a success.

With that noted, this is not my type of film.  Not in the least.  So I’ll have to give it two ratings.

My Personal Review:

Rating Scale:  Movie Theatre, Redbox Rental, or Skip It — Skip It.