Viva! Saint Agrippina (2010) – By Jason S. Lockard

Documentaries have been apart of cinema history ever since of Robert Flaherty’s film Moana from 1926. Documentaries help us recall great moments in history that could be lost forever, that’s why I love them, whether they’re sports, historical, religious, ect. it make no difference to me. So when I received the new documentary "Viva! Saint Agrippina" from Producer, Writer and Director Christopher Di Nunzio, needless to say I was excited to; as the tag line says, "Meet the Family Princess"!

This Documentary follows the 3 day celebration that takes place in Boston’s Historic North End each year on the first weekend in August! To many it is simply known as The Feast. The Saint Agrippina Benefit Society has been hosting this event since 1914 celebrating the martyred Saint, a tradition that originated in Mineo, Sicily.

Agrippina Di Mineo, a blonde princess of Romanian royalty had given her life to the work of the Lord when the Emperor of Rome wanted her as his wife, but when she refused he imprisoned her and torched her to try to get her to turn against her commitment to God and marry him. She ended up dying in prison [possibly by beheading] never agreeing to turn her back on her God!

This 91 minute documentary follows the year-long preparation that goes into creating this meaningful celebration including the parade, music, culture and the food of the event. Your also treated to stories of the miracles of Saint Agrippina! You can tell that to the people, St. Agrippina is much more than just a saint, she is a member of their family "The Family Princess".

In the end the camera work was tremendous bringing you right into the heart of The Feast. There were times the documentary seemed a little slow in places and in my opinion the story might have been told a little better at a slightly shorter timeframe, but all in all I enjoyed this documentary. You don’t have to be of catholic beliefs to enjoy this documentary! It’s nice just to experience a different culture! Viva! St. Agrippina is a very interesting recalling of this historic character!

Now not everybody likes documentaries, but if your a fan of history and you love documentaries; I suggest you check out The new Christopher Di Nunzio film Viva! Saint Agrippina! You can get a copy of the film at Christopher’s website:

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Family
Genre: Documentary
Length: 91 min.
Released: 2010
Our Rating: B+