War of Mind (2015) – By Matthew Robinson


“War of Mind” is a short film that really reached out and grabbed me early on. With engaging visuals from Josh Maas and some initially slick direction from Josh Mitchell I was hooked right in. The story is fairly simple but intriguing: a soldier suffering from PTSD is literally being haunted by a ghost from his past. Lauran de Winter came up with the story.

“War of Mind” starts out strong but kind of tapers off as time goes on. While it is a short film clocking in just around ten minutes it still manages to sag a bit in the middle of the film and despite lacking subtly it really left me with a lot of questions. This is a script that probably needed at least one more solid rewrite before going to set.

The aforementioned Josh Maas does do a good job weaving the camera in and out of scenes and using his cinematic touch to tell a story. Josh Mitchell definitely has a sense of directing and knows how to build tension and intrigue but his performance in the movie left me lacking. Lauran de Winter has a really cool concept here; one that could even be a feature film with the right kind of tuning but there needs to be some reworking of character motivations for that to happen.

“War of Mind” showed a lot of promise in it’s first three minutes and I wish it could have held that same level of quality throughout. It’s a great example of a great concept being weighed down by some misfires in the script.

If you’d like to check out the Facebook page for “War of Mind” you can visit it here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/War-of-Mind/598480633626290