We Just Want to Play (2013) – By Michael Smith

We just want to play is a short film, senior project from Team 3 Productions, which consists of:

Jimmy Capp,
Matt Freund,
Mike Morgese,
Frank DeRosa,
Ryan Conde, and
Anthony Futia.

The film is a “reworking” of National Lampoon’s 1978 film Animal House. The film looks great and obviously shot on a digital camera and the editing and sound all fit together nicely. The sets look great and feel fairly realistic.

Rogue Cinema favorite, Timothy J Cox graces the film as Athletics Director Dickerman and he is quite possibly the best thing about the film apart from the obvious enthusiasm of the cast and crew.

While the acting talents of most of the “students” leaves a tiny bit to be desired, the script and the set up for each one of the scenes works well and shows a lot of promise.

A lot of the usual “mistakes” that are present in student short films are missing here. There aren’t any ADR problems and the score of the film does not intrude and over-ride the actors spoken dialogue in their scenes.

Overall, this is a funny and loving parody of a classic comedy film.