(2006) – By Brian Morton

 Here’s a word of warning to all of you out there…don’t challenge me! I don’t back down from a movie dare, I’ve been known to watch movies that would make a normal person vomit, I’ve seen films that made less sense than casting Billy Bob Thornton as a love interest, I’ve seen so many video atrocities that sometimes I just need to shower for no reason at all, so, when new film maker Sondra Lowell dropped a gauntlet, I couldn’t help but stand my ground! The challenge? To stay awake through her first film,, a movie that she swears will put anyone to sleep. Well, Sondra, you’re not dealing with just anyone here, you’re dealing with the Bad Movie Guy, so bring it on!

Have you ever known someone who stays on the Internet so much, that you’re sure that his or her ass must be perpetually asleep? Well then, you’ll recognize all the characters in First there’s Sondra, an older lady who’s trying to get some excitement into her dull life, then there’s Jen, a lonely single girl who just wants to meet people, but doesn’t want to leave home, and finally there’s Robert, a weepy twenty-something who’s equipment is in need of an update. What do all these people have in common? Webcams! That’s right, they’re all living their life on the internet, trying to build an audience and gain ratings, sadly, since webcams have become sort of passé, it seems that they’re all on the verge of…well…nothing. When Sondra hatches a plan to plot a murder via webcam in order to build interest in their sites, the others go along. The rub comes when, at a party, someone actually gets killed! is very slow, but it’s intentionally that way. The characters are all engaging and fun, even the strange psychiatrist, who gets sucked into the ‘webcam life’ herself. And (sorry Sondra) when the web cam couple leaves the room and leaves the pizza deliveryman sitting on the bed eating his own pizza, I couldn’t help but laugh! Now, while is calling itself the ‘feel sleepy movie of the year’, it’s really not all that bad. Yes, after the opening scene (five minutes of watching Sondra play computer solitaire, I was worried that she might win this one, I was happily surprised to find myself awake through the entire movie, and actually enjoying it. This is a movie that filmmakers might really enjoy, it breaks all the rules of what not to do, but it remains a surprisingly fun movie. I’m giving 3 and a half out of 4 cigars, because, in spite of its attempt to bore you into submission, it really does have its funny moments. And don’t turn off the DVD after the credits or you’ll miss the final sequence that gets the film to the proper length to call itself a feature…it’s worth the wait in an odd way. So, Sondra, I have to apologize for not sleeping through your movie, and actually finding it entertaining, but it is. And, one final comment, you’re a hell of a dancer! You can see if you can stay awake through for yourself, or as I’m saying, take the Sondra Lowell Challenge, by heading over to and getting a copy for yourself, you’ll find it there at a deeply discounted price! So, until next time, when I’ll take on all comers and watch any movie that crosses my path with no fear at all, remember that the best movies are bad movies.