Wes Craven’s They (2002) – By Jason S. Lockard

Wes Craven is known for directing some great films including The Hills have eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Last house on the left, Swamp Thing and The people under the stairs. Wes Craven is a legend and he presents a lot of stuff. The only problem is he is not directing them.

Wes Craven’s They follows Julia Lund (Laura Regan) a student preparing for her Master Degree in Psychology, who is called by her childhood friend Billy Parks. As children they both suffered from nightmares, as all children do. The only problem is Billy’s ‘night terrors’ as they are called have returned with a vengeance. Seeing no hope Billy commits suicide in front of Julia.

Soon after this traumatic experience Julia’s night terrors begin again and she begins to doubt her own sanity. She is hospitalized at a mental institution where ‘they’ attack her again. Is Julia’s mental illness is caused by "they"? Or is this all in her mind? You’ll have to watch the film to find out!

To say Wes Craven’s They is a great horror film would be stretching the truth, but for a PG-13 horror films; it’s not the worst I’ve seen! The acting is a little cheesy at times and the story is a little slow, but the ending is pretty good.

As far as the DVD goes there are no bonus features which is a shame, but the audio and video quality is really good! So if you like PG-13 horror film, give Wes Craven’s They a try! Head over to www.echobridgehe.com or your local DVD store.

Moral Rating: Adult Language, Violence and mild sexual content.
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: Horror
Length: 90 Minutes
DVD Released: 2011
Our DVD Rating: B+