Westsider (2011) – By Brian Morton

West Coast excess has been the topic of a lot of movies, but usually there’s a redemption at the end that makes us all feel better about ourselves. Well, a new movie from Charles Doran called Westsider, looks at those excesses and gives us a more believable ending.

Westsider is the tale of an architect who feels that his world is all that he needs, that the West Side of Greater Los Angeles is the best place in the world and that he doesn’t need anything else. He feels so strongly about this that he doesn’t want to take any jobs outside of this area. But, when his bosses feel differently, and fire him, he soon spirals out of control, finding that his good life can be taken away just as quickly as it was given to him, and, ultimately, driving him to a very dark place!

Doran seems to feel, like most of us do, that rich, spoiled kids need a reality check. His hero here has been living an ideal life for so long that he feels that everything (and everybody) else in the world is beneath him, and when it changes, he can’t handle it at all! Westsider feels a bit like the famous 80s movie, Less Than Zero, without the dark sexuality that that film exhibited. It’s a great short, worthy of your time. I’m giving Westsider 3 out of 4 cigars, if you’re not a fan of dark movies, then you might not enjoy it, but it’s a great morality tale that will make you think about yourself! Find out more over at http://www.westsiderfilm.com.