What to do on a Date – A Short Film With Social Relevance – By Nichele Johnston

Nick Baxter is a tall, gangly
and goofy teen (puberty seems to be taking its sweet time on Nick) who is
smitten with his foxy neighbor Kay. Nick’s friend Jeff suggests that he ask Kay
to help fix up the scavenger sale and they can make it a double date. But Nick
is horrified at the suggestion–you don’t take a swell girl like Kay to fix up a
scavenger sale on first date! Nick is convinced that Kay will want to see Wagon Train. And he is right, sort of,
she has already seen it. But golly, she
would love to help fix up the scavenger sale. It’s a date!

Cut to the aforementioned
scavenger sale where your typical snowy-white 1950’s teens are getting piles of
junk ready to unload on some unsuspecting yahoo. Hail, hail, the gang’s all
here! And you know they are having a
rollicking good time with the streamers, the elephant-shaped signs, moldy books
and the ancient electric lamp that Thomas Edison probably had in his den. Kay
is actually having a good time and Nick is beside himself. How does Jeff get
such great ideas for dates? Is there any way that Nick himself could dream up
such a great date idea?

When Nick goes to get more tacks
he spies something–a list of upcoming activities. Is this where Jeff gets his
fantabulous date ideas? Just look at all the events! A bike trip! Is that
something a swell girl like Kay would like to do? Or would she rather go to the
weenie roast? How about a baseball game? Or a swim meet? They could even double
date! The possibilities are endless!

After Nick tries to absorb all
these dating possibilities, he rips Jeff a new one about where he gets all his
date ideas. Then he whines about how on Earth you figure out a certain girl
would like to do. Jeff drops this bombshell–he could, you know, ask her. Duh!
In the meantime, Kay is yammering away to some unnamed gal. Yes, Nick is kind
of quite and shy, but golly, this scavenger sale thing was such a good idea.
Will he ask her on a second date?

When the gang takes a break Kay
says she having such a good time. Nick says he likes to do things like this,
and bicycle trips too! And Kay likes miniature golf! And Nick likes weenie
roasts and square dancing! And Kay likes baseball games! Wow, they have so much
in common! They make a date to go to next weeks weenie roast. Isn’t life grand?
The End.

This was a time when the makers
of these short films seemed to believe that the average person couldn’t put on
a pair of socks without first watching a film that assured it was okay to put
the left sock on first. For the most part it’s pretty much harmless–Nick just
wants to do something that Kay enjoys. Also, it presents some ideas that cost
little money and can be done with a group. On the flip side it seems to imply
that people are utterly and completely clueless and need a list of ideas
presented to them on a silver platter because they can’t possibly come up with
anything on their own. So remember, unless there is an activity list tacked on
the bulletin board there is absolutely positively no hope for you. Just watch
Kay from afar and play tennis with your best pal and hope that she hasn’t seen
the next picture that’s playing at the local movie theater.