What You Need (2012) – By Jason S. Lockard

I recently had the pleasure of checking out the online screener of ‘What you need’ the new short film from Nickolas Duarte; an award winning commercial writer/director. He has done commercial work for many companies most notably for Adidas and the NBA.

What you need is a 4 minute drama film that shows just a small portion of the life of a boy (Rudolpho Duarte) who is part human and part monkey. Abandoned by his father, shunned by fellow students at school; all because he is different. The only one who seems to care is his mother (Megan Mioduski).

This film will strike a chord in everyone’s life, because at one point or another everyone has felt that they didn’t belong. In the end this film with the expert make-up of Margarita Potts and the gritty real life camera work make this film an absolute must see. No wonder it won the best drama at Atlanta Shortfest.

So head over to whatyouneedmovie.com to find out more about the film, and be sure to check out nickolasduarte.com or crownchimp.com as well to get all the goods on this four minute gem..

*   *   *

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: All audiences
Genre: Drama
Length: 4 min.
Released: 2012
Our Rating: A