When Comedy was King (1960) – By Jason S. Lockard


Some things need no explanation and no setup! Comedy is one of those things! Funny is funny! Slapstick is timeless! It never grows old! No matter how many times you see slapstick comedy it still makes us laugh! So it is with the film When comedy was king from Sprocket Vault.

The film was produced, written, and directed by Robert Youngson. It is a documentary of sorts. It documents the great comedy acts of the silent earn of film! It features the antics of many of the great comedians from Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton to Laurel and Hardy and the Keystone Kops and everyone in-between. The films moves from one comedy routine to the next perfectly and before you know it the 80 minute film is over!

When looking at the picture quality of this release it looks great, but being that some of the clips are older than others some parts of the films look better than others! That should go without saying. To me the film quality looks pretty good!

Now for the bonus features on this release. First you get a Commentary by historian Richard M. Roberts. Than there is three bonus silent shorts, 1920’s An Elephant on His Hands, 1925’s Fast and Furious and 1926’s Heavy Love a total running time of just over 50 minutes.

As a classic film fanatic this release was so much fun for me to review! I can not recommend it enough for classic film fans! So if you love slapstick comedy as much as me! This one will have you rolling on the floor! I highly recommend you head over to The Sprocket Vault: www.thesprocketvault.com/ and get copy you will love it!
Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: families
Genre: comedy
Length: 81 minutes
DVD Rating: A