When Death Calls (2012) – By Brian Morton

Jim Haggerty has become one of those indie filmmakers that, when he asks if I want to see his new movie, I leap at the chance! Well, his latest, When Death Calls is worth that leap…and more!

An anthology tale (which seems to be becoming Jim’s specialty), When Death Calls begins with a radio host, asking listeners to tell her a scary story, and there are plenty of them out there! From the man with something in his basement, to the wife who just won’t die, there’s something here for everyone. Each story is great, a bit different, but it all ties together in the end in a way that will make your skin crawl!

Haggerty’s films have come a long way since 2000’s The Slasher, he’s learned from each movie and you can really see it here in When Death Calls, the acting is great, each story is different and original and the wrap around brings everything to a very satisfying conclusion!

I’m giving When Death Calls, 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s a terrific anthology movie in a time when that’s just not something you see enough of! Head over to http://www.yellowape.net and get a copy for yourself!