White Blossoms (2010) – By Tiffany Apan

Anyone who knows me well can probably tell you that I’m not a huge fan of the ‘normal’ type of film. Almost anything that mainstream Hollywood puts out tends to (for the most part) elude my interest due to the fact that it is usually made up of the same type of formula. The lack of creativity in such films isn’t the only aspect that turns me off to mainstream Hollywood. In fact, what bothers me even more is the shallow demonstration of materialism and the extreme focus on outward “beauty.” Constant media obsession with who is wearing the latest style, the most “beautiful” couple, and the up and coming starlet du jour can make one just want to scream enough is enough. Pascal Payant and Y-US Productions seem to call that very issue to attention with the film, “White Blossoms.” The film stars Vlada Verevko, Anick Frenette, Julie Lassard, and Magalie B with music by Tomer Jamchi and Yaar Perman.

One thing I really enjoyed about this four-minute film was the abstract nature of the production. The script Payant offers is of a less than traditional kind. The script doesn’t really offer a specific plot or storyline, but simply is a narration of an observation on how one views the traditional perception of beauty. Composers Jamchi and Perman compose a score that fits into the genre’s of New Age, Ambient, and light Electronic Pop. Their composition compliments the abstract nature of “White Blossoms” beautifully. The acting in the film is pretty good and is more of an interpretation of the point of view offered in the narration. There aren’t really any specific “characters” in this film.

I personally enjoyed this and always am glad to see a call to question of the materialism that can be prevalent in our culture. But I will say that due to the more abstract nature of the film and the subject matter (the reasons I personally loved this film), “White Blossoms” may be hit or miss with an audience.

There is also a music video to accompany the film featuring Sven Friedrich. This is also very well-done and the short film and the video can work hand in hand together to get the filmmaker’s point across.

One other interesting note: the White Blossom flower can be symbolic of delicacy and timelessness. Quite appropriate since a segment in the film addresses the idea of a person’s life experiences being part of what truly can make a person “beautiful.”

I actually look forward to checking out more of Payant’s work in the future.

Check out the film at White Blossom the Movie: http://vimeo.com/15303834

White Blossom Music Video: http://vimeo.com/18481705