Wide Open (1974) – By Duane L. Martin

Wide Open is another new release from Synapse Films. What’s it about? Well, it’s Swedish and has boobs, some rather lame sex scenes and a few shots of 70’s muff. That’s about it. If you think I’m joking, I’m not, though I am exaggerating a bit. The film is actually about three people who live in an apartment together – two girls and a guy, and no, it’s nothing like Three’s Company, unless Jack was a cab driver with an alcoholic father that was randomly banging both of his roommates. Really, the film is about very little except what happens to them within a certain period of time, which ends up being rather boring actually.

The film looks typical of any 70’s film, and to be honest, there were really only two things that saved it for me and made it somewhat watchable. First, the dialog was dubbed and sounded cheesy as hell. Second, just to round out the cheese, there were a variety of goofy situations in the film that actually made me smile, and one quote in particular that really made me laugh.

Christina Lindberg is in this film. You all know who she is I’m sure, because everyone in the world seems to have heard of her but me. I never heard of her before this film, and yet I keep finding that friends of mine have known about her for ages and are big fans. Makes me feel like I’ve beeen living in a cave or something. Thing is, she’s in the film yes, but she’s not the featured girl, even though she’s on the cover. The cover of the release is reversable by the way. The flip side has the nude version of the cover, which is an idea I actually really dig and I commend Synapse for doing that. It’s a really spiffy little treat for people who buy the film. Anyway, so basically the film revolves mostly around one of the roommates, Beryl (Gunilla Larsson), who’s basically a lost soul looking for some way to make money. The guy roommate, Paul (Kent-Arne Dahlgren), had some DUI issues and lost his license, but he just recently got it back and is now driving a cab. See where I’m going with this? It’s not all that exciting. However, the goofiness of the film actually does make it semi-fun to watch if you just want to veg with something old and cheesy with some boobs and bush.

My recommendation? Well, I don’t know really. I know some people really enjoy these kinds of films, and simply the fact that it has Christina Lindberg in it will make some people want to see it. As for me… Even though the story was lacking, there’s enough goofy fun in the film to keep you watching. So even if you’re not a huge fan of these types of films, you probably won’t mind this one so much, and might even find yourself enjoying various parts of it. If however, these kinds of films hold little interest for you, you’ll probably want to skip it. It really all comes down to you and what kinds of films you’re into.

The special features on this release include video interviews with Christina Lindberg and the film’s director, Gustav Wiklund, a Christina Lindberg motion photo gallery, the aforementioned reversable artwork, and theatrical trailers.

If you’d like to find out more about this release, you can check out its listing on the Synapse Films website here.