Wild Zero (2000) – By Jason Patfield

I probably will get a few hate mails after writing this review but the truth shall be told!

I dislike Wild Zero! From the top of its horrible storyline, to the middle of its crappy special effects, back down to the bad acting, this movie was not what I expected, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Wild Zero is a tale about Ace, a under achieving fan obsessed with the Japanese Rockabilly Band called Wild Zero, which is a blatant rip off of The Ramones and Misfits mixed together. Ace accidentally stumbles upon the three ridiculous characters Guitar Wolf, Drum Wolf and Bass Wolf after a gig and somehow save their lives from a mob boss who is reluctant in paying the trio. To show there appreciation they give Ace a magical whistle so he can call Wild Zero anytime he needs help? Then zombies show up and start to terrorize the small town Ace lives in and he is determined to save the love of his life, which he just met minutes earlier in the movie.

This goes in my top 10 overrated movies and appeared to be nothing more then shameless promotion for the band Wild Zero, yes they actually do jam, but the music alone did not save this for me. The camera work was decent, and the effects were passable at times but the acting, makeup and script was just plain wrong. Many will dispute this of course but my writing is on the wall and you will have to make your own assessment. I really had high expectations for this movie and wanted to like it so much, but after being feed such rave reviews from other horror fans, it just proves that everyone has there own opinions.