Wingman Class (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Wingman class is the story of two best friends who dream of being signed, professional rappers. While they’re waiting for that to happen though, there’s a little something else they’ve gotten really good at. Being wingmen for each other. So what is a wingman? Basically, it’s a friend who goes with you to the club, and when you see a girl you want to hook up with, he hits on her friend and keeps her attention elsewhere so his buddy can pick up the girl. Well, these two have gotten it down to such a fine science, that two nerds convince them to hold a wingman class for $300 a person. The pair see it as a means to an end to get into a professional studio to get their album recorded, and as such, agree to do the class. The class itself is full of all sorts of misfits, including a lawyer and his 60’s pimp father, two young gay guys, a British computer nerd and his nerdy Asian buddy, a rich Texas rancher, two flatulent garbage men, and more. Once the class actually starts, the duo find that they have a much tougher job ahead of them than they anticipated.

This film is a comedy feature from Boomarang Entertainment that, while is does have its amusing moments, suffers from a variety of problems, both technical and with the story.

Let’s start with the problems with the story first. While there are some moments and lines that are genuinely funny, these are few and far between. One of the funniest lines in the movie came from the lawyer’s pimp father. He said he likes fat women because everything on them feels like a titty. The two young gay guys are quite funny as well, but unfortunately, they didn’t get to do a whole lot. Another funny scene has a bouncer at the club punching out a drunk patron, and then having a ridiculous conversation with the club owner that’s upset about it. These scenes are unfortunately not the norm however, as many other aspects of the comedy didn’t work all that well at all. For example, the two flatulent garbage men. I LOVE toilet humor, but this just didn’t work. Why? Because the fart sounds were generic and cartoonish, sounded like they were dubbed in, and literally no one reacted to the farts in any way whatsoever. I kept waiting for someone to make a face or something, but there was nothing. Something else that didn’t work was that the girl that one of the two friends was interested in at the club largely disappeared after the night that he met her, and then suddenly reappeared at the end of the movie.

The technical issues are even more problematic. In the club scenes, and in virtually any scene with music and people around, the dialog becomes really difficult to understand. In various scenes, the dialog suddenly shoots over to the right side, while in one shot in the club, the dialog is suddenly blasting so loud you’ll be reaching for the volume control. The editing was too choppy in various parts as well, making things feel disjointed and creating a very negative effect with the pacing of both the scenes it happens in and the dialog in those scenes. There are also random quick shots cut in here and there that are totally unnecessary and also have a negative effect on the flow of the scene.

All in all, it’s not a bad film. Some of the characters are quite likeable, and the story has some amusing aspects to it, but the technical problems, the pacing and the sound issues really drag it down. Between those and the missed opportuniies at the comedy potential the students in the class offered, I can’t really say this film was more than just ok at best.

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